We at Rock of Ages Festival Ministries are praying about the future.  We are committed to bringing the best in music and ministry to encourage, uplift, inspire and educate thousands of all ages  to be the best God desires of all of us.  And to bring God’s love to our local area of California and the world.

So, we will let you know the plans for this year asap….we may not do the same event in Calistoga this year but are considering other areas to spread the event which has blessed tens of thousands for 16 years! We are speaking with some other ministries that may increase the event that can have even more impact on the future.

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As for the past several years……Rock of Ages Festival Ministries has been doing a great amount of world wide mission work…….Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Rwanda, Thailand, Haiti, Honduras, India, Burma…….This year we will return to Costa Rica, Burma, Italy, Kenya and Rwanda.

Festivals that have reached over 100,000 people, Ministries to churches, helping with humanitarian aid – clothing – dental – Bibles – shoes – medical needs – food, building youth and children ministries, increasing pastors education and pastoral skills, building and planting churches, Pease pray for these people who have a great heart for their countries.



Make a  difference

coming soon…….

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RofA Conference

National speakers on topics of great importance for equipping people of faith to grow and be salt and light to this world.

Topics include:

Human trafficking, Creation science – Noah’s flood / Jurassic dinosaurs, Addiction freedom, Community compassion, Women’s issues Apologetics, Compassion for the local homeless and needy, Youth building and outreach, Worship ministry, Relationships, Pornography, Global missions, Sharing with Muslims, Marriage, Choosing life and wise sexual choices,  Bullying, Pornography, Biblical financial issues…..