1. When, where and at what time?!

2. I thought that the Napa County Fairgrounds was in Napa? Why is it in Calistoga?

3. How do I get to Calistoga?

4. Do I need tickets to get into the Rock of Ages Festival?

5. Why is there a charge for admission into this year's festival?!

6. What is the earliest time that I can arrive at the Rock of Ages Festival?

7. What is the parking situation? Will there be disabled parking available?

8. Will there be an ATM available?

9. Do you have a schedule of when the artists will be performing?

10. How can my band play at the Rock of Ages Festival?

11. How can I volunteer to help with the Rock of Ages Festival?

12. What is the seating like?

13. Will there be any food available?

14. Are pets allowed at the festival?

15. Will there be skateboarding allowed at the festival?

16. Is this an event that young children will enjoy, or just teenagers?

17. Are there any hotels or camping grounds nearby in case we want to spend the night?

18. I attended the Rock of Ages Festival and I have some questions about the content that was presented. Who should I talk to?

19. Is there any venue to go to church on the following Sunday morning?


A: The Rock of Ages Festival will take place on Saturday  Oct 5th -  12:00- 8:00 p.m.  Gates open at 11:00 at the Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga, CA. For directions to the Napa County Fairgrounds, please visit our

directions page.

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This question highlights two very different venues that are commonly confused in the Napa Valley. The Napa Valley Expo is located in the city of Napa, while the Napa County Fairgrounds, home of the Rock of Ages Festival, is located in the city of Calistoga. If you need directions to Calistoga, CA. please visit our

directions page.

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A: We have a Map page that will give exact direction the venu.

directions page.

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A: Yes. But admission to this year's festival will be FREE! You can get free passes  1-5 at a time  through iTickets.

We wanted you to be able to bring many of your friends who might not normally attend to hear the eternal message of Hope in Christ.


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A: In the past we have tried to keep the Rock of Ages Festival an ABSOLUTELY FREE event, as our primary focus was, and still is, to preach the Gospel of Christ Jesus to non-believers, and to provide a way for those non-believers to attend the festival without any stumbling blocks, such as an admission fee, getting in their way. Throughout the years we have consistently fallen significantly short of having our financial needs met, and consequently we have fallen significantly into debt, so we had to start charging an entrance fee to attempt to break even.  This year, we have prayed that more people than ever BRING THEIR FRIENDS TO HEAR THE ETERNAL MESSAGE OF HOPE!  So we decided to make that free......"Freely you have received, freely give". It is a walk of faith. You can still help.......


We want to remind you that even though its free to you and your friends....it's not to us. It costs many thousands to out this in for you.  So, at iTickets, there is a place (as well as our web site donations area)  to help support all that Rock of Ages Festivals have done and are doingwe are assisting with festivals in Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, France....  So, pray to be as generous as possible.

So, please pray to recruit as many individuals, as well as churches, as possible to invite (and possibly sponsor) their non-believing family and friends to the festival so that they can come and hear the Gospel of Christ Jesus ... and hopefully leave the festival with a relationship with Christ Jesus. AMEN!

Thank you for your prayers and understanding ... let's make this year's festival a bountiful harvest for the Lord!

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A: The gates open at 11:00AM ... any earlier and we might ask you to help us set up.

NOTE: If you would like to help us set up, or in any other capacity, please visit our volunteer page.

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A: All of the parking spots will be conveniently located at the Napa County Fairgrounds, close to the large grass field on which the festival will be taking place. There will be several signs posted along the route to the fairgrounds on the day of the festival that will direct you towards the parking spots.

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A: There is no ATM available at the Napa County Fairgrounds at this time. If you need spending money, there are several banks in Calistoga, CA. that are accessible from Lincoln Ave., which is the city's main street. We may try to have one, but don't count on it.

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A: Unfortunately, we do not. The schedule of artists and speakers is usually something that is produced right around the time of the festival. We would like to encourage our attendees to come out for the whole day, as the most important aspect of the Rock of Ages Festival is the presentation of the Gospel ... especially to non-believers. THATS WHY WE ARE DOIUNG THIS!!!

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A: We carefully consider EVERY request to play at the Rock of Ages Festival. There are, however, a few requirements that every band or artist  must meet before requesting to play.

  1. You MUST be an OPENLY Christian band/artist.
  2. You MUST NOT have any profane language, or inappropriate subject matter in the lyrics, as the Rock of Ages Festival is a ministry, and family, oriented event.  We do encourage bold challenging messages to walk in Biblical Christian faith in our current culture.
  3. We desire bands to share testimonies, faith in Christ messages, etc.  as well as perform music.  Gospel content for response is encouraged.

Do you meet these requirements? If so, please send a promotional package to booking [at] rockofagesfestival.com with your music, photo, biography and a brief note detailing why your band should play at the Rock of Ages Festival. Promo packs may also be mailed to:

Rock of Ages Festival
3764 Silverado Trail
Calistoga, CA., 94515

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A: We are in constant need of volunteers. You can find out how to participate in this year's Rock of Ages Festival by visiting our volunteer page (click here).

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A: The seating at the Rock of Ages Festival is essentially a large grass field. You may bring blankets and/or lawn chairs. First come, first served.....The earlier  you get there the closer you get.  There is a Jumbo Tron, so everyone sees great.

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A: We will have many vendors providing a wide variety of food, so be sure to bring some extra spending money and some empty stomachs. Their sales help support Rock of Ages Festival.

NOTE: You may only bring a back pack in with you.  You can go to and from your vehicle to retrieve food you have brought with you. But, we are encouraging all to support our vendors as much as possible, as the Rock of Ages Festival will receive a portion from each vendor. We cannot do this without your and their help.

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A: We would ask that you leave your pets at home for this one. It's cleaner.

It’s only one day, kitty cat and puppy dog will be just fine!

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A: Absolutely. One of the most exciting features of the Rock of Ages Festival is the Skate Zone, which features a custom built skate park and an additional performance stage. Bring your skateboards (along with your helmets and pads, of course!), as well as all of your friends! The Skate Zone will also feature the professional skateboarding team Ambassadors for Christ. They will be accessible for skate tips and prayer.

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A: The Rock of Ages Festival was originally designed for teenagers. However, throughout the past several years the festival has expanded to be more accommodating to teens, young adults and  families of all ages. This year's festival will feature a diversified cast of artists ranging from  Folk, Blue grass, blues, world beats, Hardcore/Metal to Latin/Funk and beatbox  to Reggae. This year's festival will also feature a children's stage with performances by the incredible group KidStand, face painting inflatables, etc.  Your kids and family will be mesmerized! For more information regarding the attractions and activities of this year's festival, please visit our other attractions page.

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A: For information regarding the city of Calistoga, lodging and/or dining, please visit


. For information regarding camping, or R.V. parking, please visit


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A: Each year, the Rock of Ages Festival tries to schedule some of the brightest and most engaging musicians and speakers from around the country. There will be several different topics introduced and discussed that can be both encouraging and confusing. As a result, there may be several questions that you are struggling with at this time, and we would LOVE to be of assistance to you in answering those questions. Please visit our contact page and either give us a call or send us a message via the submission form. We will do our best to respond to your questions and/or concerns in a timely manner. We will also have a prayer team that will be praying for you. We appreciate that you came to the Rock of Ages Festival with an open mind, open ears and an open heart, as Christ Jesus once said "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

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A: Highlands Christian Fellowship is a wonderful venue for a church service on the following Sunday morning.  This year, Kutless will be leading worship there! Highlands Christian Fellowship is located at 971 Petrified Forest Road in Calistoga, CA., 94515. 942-5050.  You are MORE than welcome to attend the church service at 10:30 ..... and who knows, there may be a surprise visit from one of the artists and / or speakers from the Rock of Ages Festival!

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