Mark Mohr, ChristafariOver the last 22 years, Christafari has been a part of many major festivals spanning 50 countries and 46 states. I can honestly say that in all of my years of ministry, I’ve never worked with a festival with a heart like Rock of Ages. Christafari has had the privilege of playing at this festival for 5 years in a row. Each time we arrive, we’re blown away by the sharp contrast between this festival and many other Christian events. Firstly, they are welcoming to all, friendly, hospitable, and their staff is unparalleled. They treat all the artists and volunteers like family.While one may think that the largest Christian festival in the area would be all about business, this group of organizers are far more ministry-minded than industry-minded. They care more about souls than sales and I honestly believe that the Lord is blessing them with tremendous growth because of this conscious choice. In Matthew 7:16, Jesus said that “You will know them by their fruits.” With a sharp increase in attendance and souls saved each year, it seems that the vineyards in Napa Valley aren’t the only ones bearing fruit in that region. And better yet, the undeniable fruit that the annual Rock of Ages Festival bears each year is eternal!
Pastor Mark Mohr, Lead Singer, Christafari


Rock of Ages Festival is a stellar event! Seeing so many people united from different ethnic, economic, political and spiritual backgrounds was inspiring to say the least. Who knows the effect this event will have on families, communities and nations in years to come! I hope to be a part of it again in the future.

Peter Furler, musician and former lead singer, The Newsboys


It’s kind of surreal to me to be onstage at events like Rock of Ages. I grew up in a family that went to concerts all the time. My parents were always the parents who took our youth group, and we had such a great time. Those shows and the time with my family and friends helped encourage me and inspired me to grow up and dream. And those dreams pushed me to where I’ve been the last 14 years, getting to rock and worship with people all over the world! There were artists like Amy Grant and Jaci Velasquez I grew up singing along to at my church and I’ve gotten to meet them now. Festivals are the one time a year that some kids look forward to and I’m so thankful for sponsors and promoters who work so hard and pray and support them. Thanks so much for having me be a part! One of the most beautiful backgrounds of a festival I’ve been to.

Tricia Brock, singer, Superchick


We absolutely loved ministering at Rock of Ages Festival! We were honored to minister with so many amazing artists and evangelists! Rock of Ages bringing us, KidStand, out shows their commitment to teach children with the Gospel of Christ!

Jessie Beebe, evangelist, KidStand


Rock of Ages has been one of my favorite ever concerts…mellow enough to visit with friends and also exciting enough to rock you :)) Next year please charge 10 dollars and invite more bands! I invited a few new friends… and I couldn’t wait to see Kutless. Also by not charging, some people who would normally go might have not come thinking there would be huge crowds. Thank you for the effort and I look forward to next year!

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This was our second year of Rock of Ages and truthfully as a single mom it was a relief to hear that the concert was free this year however I do realize that things can add up and get very expensive so if you ended up in the hole this year maybe next year just reduced the price instead of making it free. Also I really loved Christafari, Maximillion, and the Vespers. If there’s anything I can do to assist you for next year, I would be more than happy. I ran a 10,000 biker event in Red Lodge Montana two years in a row so I have experience in this area. Thanks for all you have done. We had a lot of fun!

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