Outreach to Kenya

— Incredible mission opportunity —

God loves Kenya 2015 

 Homa Bay area in Kenya, Africa.  Jan 19 – 24 & Jan 26 – 31

As we get closer to this crusade, we are getting very excited in anticipation of the great thing God is doing in Kenya and will do in Homa Bay next January. I spoke to a brother who has done work there and he is encouraged that the doors are open very wide for God to move and to have so many pastors working side by side for the sake of on purpose……bringing the great news of Jesus Christ there and bringing thousands into the Kingdom!  What a great work He sis doing.  He says he would not be surprised if ver 100,000 people came and at least half dedicated their lives to Christ as Saviour!   I am thrilled that over 200 pastors and leaders have taken up this challenge and are dedicated to being united for this purpose.

I am so thrilled that many of you have already committed to this service.  It will change their lives for eternity and it will change yours forever.

They are preparing to counsel over 40,000 people who may respond at these festivals.  We have been training then for this and they are consumed with this role.


We have brought the cost down to be $3250.00 plus your flights to Kisumu (near Homa Bay – small flight connection from Nairobi)

This cost will cover all hotels, breakfast and dinner meals, all transportation in country, ministry materials and helps the ministry cost overall.  The local people have little or no money for this, so God is providing us to help them reach their country in a huge way. They are doing all the planning, organization, church collaboration, volunteer workers and so much more.   This is truly their festival.

There may be a lesser cost if some are desiring to only spend one of the weeks there.

Sign up:

Fill out the forms below, send them in with 50% of the deposit: 

     Rock of Ages festival Ministries

     3764 Silverado Trail, Caistoga, CA  94515

Then, you will receive updated information  as it come in. 

 What will you do:

There is plenty for you all to do…..

Counseling teams at the festivals and everywhere we go

Support / encourage all

Sharing testimonies at churches, festivals, orphanages, prisons

Prayer teams everywhere ( need lots of that – life changing)

Speakers at churches

Pre week – assisting  at local church events – (clothing distribution, dental or medical clinics, orphanage visits, prison ministry visits, school events, etc. )

Festival week – assist children’s ministry, youth sports ministry, ladies’ ministry, pastors’ ministry,  etc

Medical team (minimal clinics for basic needs and prayer)  to screen, diagnose and distribute pharmaceuticals to them. We are also looking for some to provide the  pharmacy with simple drugs for minimal medical problems.

Your week(s) will be comprised of:

 God Loves Kenya Festival

Pre week: (Jan 19-24)

Local church visits

Youth sports events at high schools

Orphanage visits ( or possible prison visits )

Medical, dental, eyeglass clinics in neighborhoods at local churches

Clothing distribution to local children

Prayer teams for ministry during the medical and clothing clinics.

Pastor conferences pre and during the festivals

Sunday church preaching (Jan 25 & Feb 1)

Festival week: (Jan 26-31)

Pastors’ conferences

Women’s conferences

Festival testimonies

(Medical clinics possibly – depending on sign ups)

Festival gospel  preaching / invitations

Counseling at evangelists invitations at all areas

Children’s ministry areas

Youth sports area ministers & counselors

There is a possibility that we can fit in a small  Hippo park tour or safari with a stay in a nice hotel (the average ones are very minimal) as an option at the end of the trip


The Ebola situation is non existent there.  No cases and they are very far from any contaminated areas. Africa is a large continent.  The cases are on the Western side of the continent, Kenya is on the far East side.


Food there is safe but minimal in variety, water is safe but mostly bottled, accommodations are very simple but adequate.


If you haven’t been in Africa before, this will be a great cultural experience.  I love it there. The people are the most respectful, honorable, pleasant, loving and servant hearted people I have ever met.  Even their teenagers!  And they love Jesus with their whole hearts.  Just the fact there are 200 leaders willing to work together for a common goal of bringing people to Christ says a lot.


Please pray for my trip there Nov 8 -15.  We will organize final details for the 3 crusade locations and all the pre ministry events you can jon in ion. my next visit to them in mid November.

I look forward to our ministry as a team to these wonderful people. May your life be changed as God changes their country through us all.

Again, this is not a youth mission trip.  There will be serious ministry to many of the local people at 3 different local areas near Homa Bay.  These are mostly culturally African people with very few Muslims in this area. Most just haven’t heard the Truth of the Gospel of salvation. In one of the areas, there is a huge AIDS problem the local church is trying to help with. Our bringing Christ and medical advice for them means life to them. It will impact their lives and culture in a huge way.

We are not building anything here except the Body of Christ. and educating them to plant churches as the Lord leads.