Our History

The Rock of Ages Festival changes lives. In our 15 year history we have:

  • Reached over 60,000 youth and families from Fresno to Reno & the North Bay Area.

  • Hundreds have given their lives and rededicated their lives to God and received counseling for life situations and a fruitful Christian life.

  • Presented more than 30 national pro skaters, over 60 top national Christian bands, 15 speakers and respected professional sports performers.

  • Trained 100’s of counselors to share God’s love through their church families to hurting people at the festival and individually to thousands with connections to follow up those who seek changed lives.

  • Connected thousands to international Christian mission & service organizations

  • Raised support for 1000’s of needy children of the world.

  • Provided speakers and programs for youth groups to assist other Bay Area ministries.

  • Signed up many to go on world mission trips learning to help meet the world’s needs.

  • Included many churches to work together as partners to bring thousands to the event and have transformed lives and connections.

  • Prepared hundreds of volunteers to be part of a large outreach program.

  • Presented Hispanic translators, speakers and coordinated Latino churches to work together.

  • Provides classes in Creation Science, current cultural and social justice challenges, mission needs, youth ministry leadership, Biblical worldview training, student faith development, and more.